Flaxseed Benefits: Exploring the Incredible Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

These are commonly known as ‘functional foods’ due to their endless flaxseeds benefits. They may not be a regular part of meals, but for ages, flaxseeds have been considered medicinal because of the benefits they have to offer.

Scientific name: Linum usitatissimum

They are tiny seeds of the Flax plant; they are also called linseed. It is mostly grown in cooler climates. Lately, people following fashionable diets such as Keto have started realizing its importance.

Flaxseed Benefits

Flax Seeds Benefits

Here are a few of the useful benefits of flaxseeds,

1. Reduce Menopausal Symptoms:

Flaxseed benefits include flavonoids that are useful in easing the symptoms of menopause. Menopause marks the end of a woman's cycle, and the symptoms during this phase include hot flashes, mood swings, migraines, etc. Flaxseed consumption is known to reduce the intensity of these symptoms.

2. Clears Blockage in the Intestines:

Not drinking enough water during the day can cause blockage of stools in the intestines leading to constipation, piles, and other such issues. The most important among other benefits of flaxseeds is that it is a great source of fiber. It works to clean the digestive system and regularizes the removal of waste from the body.

3. Fights against CANCER Growth:

Flaxseeds contain very unique elements known as lignans and omega-3 fatty acids. These help to hinder any sort of tumor growth in the body. It is proven to be especially effective in preventing breast and prostate cancer.

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4. WEIGHT Management:

Although these seeds look tiny, they make really good mid-meal snacks. They help to keep you feeling satiated and full. As you load up on flaxseeds to curb your hunger, unhealthy habits of untimely snacking automatically reduce, and weight management becomes easier.

5. May Increase Fertility in Women:

This benefit is still in its research stages. However, there have been scientific pieces of evidence to prove that eating flax seeds has a positive effect on the hormonal balance in women and aids in improving the chances of conception. This is also considered an old wives’ tale.

health benefits of flaxseeds

6. Fights Acidity:

Flaxseed benefits are also seen for acidity. It is a source of high dietary fat which helps to control the formation of acid in the stomach. It fights off acid reflux and soothes the lining of our stomach.

7. Healthy HAIR and SKIN:

This is another one of the benefits of flaxseeds. Since it is rich in vitamin E, the consumption of flaxseeds shows a considerable effect on skin and hair. It improves blood circulation and makes the skin glowing, hair lustrous, and healthy.

8. Soothes stomach Aches and Cramps:

The high content of dietary fiber along with fatty acids can work together to ease gastrointestinal problems such as cramps and aches. It is also beneficial for problems such as gases or bloating in the stomach.

9. Controls MIGRAINE:

There are a considerable amount of antioxidants in flax seeds which give them anti-inflammatory properties. Migraines are headaches caused due to some sort of swelling or inflammation inside. Flaxseeds consumed with hot water can help to subside these effects and soothe headaches.

How to eat flax seeds?

How to eat flax seeds

There are many ways to eat flaxseeds.

The most common being is grinding it and mixing it with warm water. This is best consumed early in the morning for optimum benefits.

Other methods of eating also include roasting and snacking on them or adding them directly to healthy foods such as yogurt or sandwiches.

Chewing releases the antioxidants in flax seeds and thus produces more results.

Final Note

Owing to all these fabulous flaxseed benefits, it is safe to say that your body is missing out on a lot if you still haven't included these in your diet. A word of caution, however, is that flaxseeds need to be eaten in small amounts as the high fiber content can have adverse effects and cause diarrhea.


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