What Are Citrus Fruits List

Sometimes we search for citrus fruits list to fulfill our Vitamin C and folic acid deficiency. These fruits' root is from the family of “Rutaceae”.  Citrus fruits (1) have anti-cancer properties because they come along with flavonoid compounds in them.

What are Citrus Fruits List

Citrus Fruits List

Let’s explore the list of citrus fruits,

1. Orange:

Most vitamins are present in all citrus fruits.  In terms of vitamin C content, it is in no way inferior to lemon, but there are much more B vitamins in an orange. 

In addition, the color of the fruit suggests that it also contains vitamin A, which is so necessary for good vision and beautiful skin. 

Eating oranges will have a positive effect on digestion due to their high pectin content.  The fruit sugars in oranges are beneficial for brain function.

2. Mandarin:

Compared to other citrus fruits, mandarin is not inferior in the content of vitamins and minerals to its counterparts.  Mandarins are good helpers for gastrointestinal diseases, especially intestinal disorders and loss of appetite. 

The peel contains an essential oil that has a calming effect and improves sleep.  Adding zest to hot drinks helps to thin phlegm in the bronchi and relieve coughing.


The first remedy that we remember when faced with a cold is lemon.  Ascorbic acid can be obtained by eating a vitamin from a pharmacy, but you will not feel the magic smell of lemon peel.  But it is also healing; it will help to relax, relieve stress and replenish vitality.

Lemon is from the citrus family fruits and is always available in your kitchen.

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3. Lime:

Of all members of the citrus family, lime has the most pronounced fresh aroma.  Due to the content of the same ascorbic acid, but in combination with a large amount of potassium, lime can strengthen the walls of blood vessels (2) and, in general, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the body. 

The phosphorus and potassium in lime help prevent tooth decay and bleeding from the gums.  Essential oils of lime have a positive effect on the digestion process and increase appetite.

4. Grapefruit:

There is no fruit more popular among weight watchers than grapefruit.  The ability of grapefruit to break down proteins and fats overshadows all its other positive qualities. 

A huge amount of vitamins and minerals in the composition makes grapefruit an indispensable fruit in the autumn-winter period when it is especially important to support the body in the fight against colds and viruses. 

Just a few slices of this citrus fruit grapefruit will give you strength and vigor.

5. Pomelo:

Like all citrus fruits, this is, of course, vitamin C, but not the only one.  B vitamins, vitamin H and PP, minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, sodium, and dietary fiber in pomelo are found in significant quantities. 

This fruit is a storehouse of iron and copper, which are necessary for the formation of new blood cells.


A rare lipolytic enzyme, which is rich in pomelo, promotes the breakdown of fats and proteins, so this fruit, along with grapefruit, is very popular among people seeking to improve their figure.

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6. Clementine:

Same with all members of the citrus family, clementine is rich in vitamins as well as minerals.  An important useful feature of clementine is the presence in its composition of two powerful antioxidants - hesperidin and beta-carotene. 

Hesperidin has the strongest anti-inflammatory effect.  Beta-carotene promotes healthy cell growth and normalizes blood sugar metabolism. 

Clementine has a surprisingly pleasant aroma and a very sweet taste, which is why it is a wonderful natural antidepressant. 

7. Bergamot:

Bergamot is most often used in tea because it is not so easy to eat, it is bitter and sour.  Therefore, bergamot essential oil is most often used, which has a strong antiseptic effect.


It can be used by those people who have problems with digestion and the urinary and respiratory systems.

8. Kumquat:

The fruit of this citrus looks like a small orange.  Despite its small size, kumquat contains a considerable amount of nutrients and vitamins. 

Fresh kumquat restores metabolism, and dried kumquat is a prophylactic agent against stomach and duodenal ulcers. 

Citrus also prevents the development of arthritis and arthrosis, (3) cancer, stabilizes blood pressure and heart rate, and strengthens muscles and ligaments too.

What is a citrus fruit?

Citrus is a flowering tree genus and plants present create citrus fruits. The citrus category of foods tastes you will get sour and even sweet too. These fruits have citric acid and at the same time sugar.

Final Note

Take advantage of the opportunity to read the citrus fruits list. Let's eat them at least once or twice a week to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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