Sulfur Burps: Major Causes and Instant Remedies

Sulfur burps are quite commonly experienced in our everyday lives but only a few people know the causes for such a scenario. 

Generally, a burp can be defined as a way through which the human body's digestive system releases excess gas from the stomach. 

The gas that is released is caused either due to the byproduct of bacteria breaking down food or air entering through the mouth.

Sulfur Burps

It should be perceived that drinking or eating too quickly can lead to air entering the stomach through the mouth. Some of the other habits that can cause burping are smoking or chewing. Other times, burping can also happen due to consuming carbonated beverages.

What are sulfur burps?

Sulfur burps are a type of burp that gives out a rotten egg-like smell when burping. The smell is caused due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas in your stomach or intestines. 

Usually, sulfur burps are harmless to your human body. But, if the process becomes excessive, then it could be possible that there's an underlying digestive problem.

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What causes sulfur burps?

1. Eating foods that are rich in sulfur:

Sulfur burps generally occur when you intake too many sulfur-rich foods. Certain foods tend to have more sulfur content than others and when your digestive system breaks down these foods, sulfur gets released into your body.

2. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS):

IBS is a type of digestive problem that usually affects the large intestines. Some of the major symptoms include bloating, gas, cramping, abdominal pain, constipation, sulfur burps, and diarrhea.

3. Lack of tolerance against certain foods:

Not every human being out there will have the capability to eat and digest all types of foods. Each person has a tolerance level, which can either be low or high. 

For instance, you can have low tolerance towards drinking milk, which means that your body won’t be able to digest lactose properly. Since sulfur is found in milk, being lactose intolerant can lead to sulfur burps. Some of the other items include oats, barley, and wheat.

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How long do sulfur burps last?

Sometimes, sulfur burps can only last a day or two. Other times, it can become a daily phenomenon in your lifestyle. 

If your condition lasts more than two days, you need to consult a doctor and proceed toward treating it.

How to get rid of sulfur burps instantly?

How to get rid of sulfur burps instantly

Some natural ways to treat sulfur burps,

  • Drinking green tea
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Limit alcohol and other carbonated beverages
  • Avoid large meals and sugary foods

When to See a Doctor?

If you face sulfur burps even after changing your dietary plan, then you should consult your doctor out-rightly because there can be accompanying symptoms too. Your doctor can help you solve the main issue that is causing such sulfur burps.

Final Note

Even though it might not be compulsory, but we highly suggest speaking to your trusty doctor when sulfur burps occur. The doctor will be able to provide you with the ideal guidance on the type of diet that you should be following.

There can also be moments when your doctor might suggest over-the-counter medicines for your cause so that excess gas can be reduced in the stomach or intestines. 

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