What Food Items Contain Vitamin A

‘Vitamin A’ is an important antioxidant that is essential in building a healthy immune system. Eating a healthy balanced diet that includes foods with vitamin A is essential for the proper functioning of the body. In case of deficiency, Vitamin A may need to be supplemented.

What Food Items Contain Vitamin A

Vitamin A (1) is extremely important for good vision too. It can be classified into 2 types – “retinoid” which are sourced from animal products and “Beta-carotene” which is sourced from plants.

Foods with Vitamin A

Let's have a look at the selected vitamin A foods which are beneficial for us,

1. Carrots:

While thinking of foods with Vitamin A, one of the main foods that come to mind is the carrot. Filled with beta-carotene, even half a cup of these orange/red carrots fulfills the daily requirement of Vitamin A.

2. Cod Liver Oil:

Fish liver oil, also known as cod liver oil (2), is amongst the best sources of retinoids. The specialty of cod liver oil is that it also contains a high content of Vitamin A. A single spoon of cod liver oil is sufficient and contains 90% of the daily value. 

3. Sweet Potato:

Another excellent vitamin A food with high beta-carotene is sweet potato. A single baked sweet potato contains as high as 1403 mcg of Vitamin A which implies 561% of the daily value. Being rich in fiber, sweet potatoes also contain potassium, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C.


Although very popularly disliked by most children, Broccoli is a very healthy food with Vitamin A. Broccoli contains high Vitamin C and Vitamin K. It is one of the few foods to contain sulforaphane which acts as a defense against many types of cancers. Eating just half a cup of broccoli provides 60 mcg of Vitamin A which fulfills 24% of the daily requirement.

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4. Mango:

Mango, popular as the king of fruits, it is not only delicious and mouth-watering but is also a very nutritious fruit. Besides being high in Vitamin A, it also contains many antioxidants and fiber. Consuming just one whole mango can fulfill a person's 24% daily requirement of Vitamin A.

5. Spinach:

All green leafy vegetables are a bundle of nutrition and so is spinach. Spinach, is especially, a portion of vibrant food with Vitamin A and iron. It also contains a generous amount of magnesium. Including just half a cup of cooked spinach (3) into the daily diet can provide one with 60% of the daily requirement of Vitamin A.

6. Dried Apricots:

Among the dry fruits, dried apricots are the best to munch on while looking to improve Vitamin A levels. Apart from this, it is also a rich source of fiber. Chewing on 10 halves of dried apricots can provide 63 mcg of Vitamin A which fulfills around 25% of the daily requirement. 

7. Animal Livers:

For non-vegetarians, Vitamin A foods are plenty in animal livers. Animal meat like livers of lamb, beef, etc. is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Iron, Protein, and Foliate too.  If you have a vitamin A deficiency then tries to get this source from non-veg foods.

8. Black-eyed Peas:

Black-eyed peas, like all pulses, are a high source of proteins, iron, and fiber. Besides, black-eyed peas contain a good amount of Vitamin A. Studies have shown that including just one cup of boiled black-eyed peas (4) in the daily diet can fulfill up to 26% of the daily need for Vitamin A.

Final Note

Plenty of foods with Vitamin A are available for vegetarians and non-vegetarians to fulfill the daily requirement of Vitamin A. Being an extremely important nutrient for good eye health and proper growth, we must ensure to include good proportions of Vitamin A in our daily diet.  

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