What Comes First in Skin Care Routine

Your skincare routine sequence can make a huge difference.

For instance, if exfoliation is your first step, toner will be your next. You could discover that the toner doesn't perform as well if you use a mask or treatment product first.

So what does an effective skincare practice imply? (1)

What Comes First in Skin Care Routine

Depending on the products you use, the order in which you perform your skincare routine can vary, but there are several important considerations.

Skin care routine steps

Let's have a look at how many steps does your skin care routine really need,

1. Exfoliate (using a gentle brush):

The first thing you should do when beginning a new skincare routine is to cleanse your face. Cleansing is the first step to taking care of your skin, and it is essential to do it in the right direction. Use a gentle cleanser for your sensitive skin or an oil-free lightweight cleanser for dry skin.

If you experience acne or outbreaks, you might also want to try a mask.

Cleaning will get rid of any oil or dirt that can be blocking your pores and cause irritation and breakouts. Always use a mild cleanser, such as one that is oil-based, as they are kinder to your skin.

2. Tone (using a gentle cleanser):

The next step is to tone, which is using a moisturizer (or often two) after cleansing so that the cleanser won't leave your skin feeling dry or sensitive. 

All day long, a moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated and supple by helping to seal in moisture. These create an effective skin care routine schedule without hustle.

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3. Moisturize (with an oil-free moisturizer):

Once your face is clean, you can apply moisturizer. There are lots of different types of moisturizers available in the market, but one common theme is that they all help lock in moisture on the face so it does not evaporate. 

It is also necessary to choose a moisturizer with SPF protection due to sometimes UV rays (2) can damage skin over time if let to penetrate unprotected.

4. Sunscreen (serum or cream):

If you have fair or light-colored skin, or even if you have not been exposed to any sun at all, you can use sunscreen after moisturizing. 

Sunscreen protects against future wrinkles and other aging symptoms as well as the premature aging brought on by sun exposure.

Best skin care routine for 30s

Start with the essentials while you are just getting started daily skin care routine at home: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. But since everyone is unique, you might need to alter the order of your routine to suit your personal preferences.

For example, it would be good to use a toner first because it will help balance the pH levels (3) on your face if your skin is oily and prone to breakouts.

Final Note

Finally, if you have dry skin or feel dry patches (which most people do), then before going to bed, you might wish to use an oil-based serum or lotion.

This will help lock in moisture overnight so that in the morning you wake up with smooth, soft skin ready for makeup application.

Skin care is a vital part of overall wellness, and it's important to start your skin care routine with the right products.

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